FileMaker 14 Platform

The new FileMaker Platform provides you with your own Data / CRM solution to track every aspect of your business information (see sidebar) - using the newly released FileMaker 14 suite of products.

Integrating your hosted FileMaker Server solution running on a Mac or PC server, accessed by your unlimited* numbers of clients using FileMaker Pro (also on your Mac or PC) as well as FileMaker Go on your iPad or iPhone*, gives complete connectivity to your hosted business solution platform.

Widen your options with the recently introduced: FileMaker Web Direct is part of the new FileMaker Platform capability, enabling access to your hosted database via the web - opening up a world of possibilities running custom business solutions directly in a web browser on your desktop or laptop*. Not something possible until now...

To contact Electronic*Type for more details email:
or call (416) 619 0230 or (519) 546 2902

*Dependant on equipment/browser specification and newly instituted license agreement terms.

Download Example FMP 14 File

Download Example .pdf file


FileMaker 'Go'

FM Go is a version of FileMaker Pro able to work with your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It allows you to take databases with you on the road. This product is a breakthrough for those organisations needing to have their staff make live database changes to their server hosted files while away from their office.




Fujitsu Reseller

Electronic*Type is an authorised Fujitsu reseller and we can provide our customers with a variety of Fujitsu scanning and other products which work with our FileMaker / DocKeep scanning solutions. Archiving paper becomes a snap!

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